The Demise of Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing recently updated its website and it sucks.  Ever since being bought out the site has slowly but surely gotten worse and worse.  Faceless profiles, spam messages and everyone’s hometown is San Francisco…sound familiar? When the buy out occurred the whole thing stunk of illegality; a non-profit venture that was supported financially by its pioneer members – all of whom didn’t receive a cent when the million plus dollar buy out occurred.  The latest “update” is the nail in the coffin in what once was a great asset to backpackers worldwide.

Now member inboxes are inundated with requests from people who have no profile and who are just looking for a “place to crash”.  This new breed of entitled traveler thinks that couchsurfing is just a free version of AirBNB.  Profiles have been trimmed down so that you can not even begin to know anyone you may choose to host or surf.  Some profiles have even been “edited” by the powers that be in a total invasion of privacy.   Most detrimental for the gay traveler is that the groups a surfer belongs to are no longer visible on their profile.  This means not only do you have no idea of what a prospective host’s interests are but you also have no idea if they are gay or straight.  That may seem like a small thing but it is actually a huge safety concern for the gay backpacker.

In places like Peru and Bolivia where homosexuality is still frowned upon and in some cases met with violence, it was nice to know if that couchsurfing host you planned to stay with was comfortable with your sexuality.  Unfortunately now there is no way to know as most folks don’t put “I’m gay” in their profile.  Before, you could see in their profile that they were members of groups like “Queer Couchsurfers” or “Gay Nudists”, and you knew you found a safe place to stay or someone who might know some cool places to go out.

We hope a new site pops up that is more like the old couchsurfing — a place for travelers to meet locals and other travelers and have a meaningful cultural exchange.   What a shame, this gringo had indeed made some great friends, had some fantastic hook ups, and some great experiences thanks to couchsurfing.   That unfortunately is a thing of the past.  The Gay Gringos here have deleted their profiles and are making the switch to 

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Must Try Empanadas at “El Saltañita”, El Bolsón, Argentina

El Bolsón is a  beautiful, magical town in the midst of a hiker’s paradise.  Many outdoor types come here to relax after conquering the many trails that link around the Rio Azul Natural Protected Area.  It’s also home to some alternative lifestyle types who thrive in the region’s unusually mild climate.  The town has a wonderful handicraft market, and also is quickly becoming a foodie destination where one can find local artisan cheeses, elderberry jams and organic everything.

And speaking of food…as you know Argentina is known for empanadas, the original ‘Hot Pockets’ to us Gringos.  After trying about a thousand empanadas all over Argentina, it can be said that the best are found at El Saltañita, a small little shack on a quiet corner in El Bolsón. The Menu

The Menu

What separates theirs from the rest is the fresh ingredients.  Almost all the ingredients of course are locally sourced – the cheeses, the meats, the veggies, but what really sets them apart is the variety.  As you can tell from the menu the variety is astounding.  They offer the typical choices like  beef,  cheese, chicken and veggie.  However it is their more specialized offerings, like the roquefort and leek (puerro)(un-fu**ing believably delicious) to the trout (trucha), a must try as El Bolsón is also known for its freshly caught trout, that are really off the hook .  Hell,  just do yourself a favor and try every damn one!


The Deets

The Deets

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Bambú Spa, A Quito Bath House NSFW

The Mariscal district of Quito is well equipped with bars and clubs, even with a couple of gay bars in the mix.  However the men of Quito are quite shy or maybe it’s just that they’re a bit more discrete.  Quito, and Ecuador as a whole, is still getting used to the idea that gay people aren’t sinners.   So imagine my surprise when on a Tuesday afternoon I ventured to Spa Bambú and was met with some horny, aggressive, Ecuadorian men.

As one of the first to arrive I got a discount on my entrance fee .  The guy at reception was real nice and seemed very pleased to have a gringo at his establishment.  I was given a towel, asked my size…given some sandals , and a key to my locker.



The locker room shares its open space on the first floor with some gym equipment, and a staircase that leads to 2 more floors of fun.  The open floor plan makes it easy to watch guys take off their clothes, which is a good thing.   Up the stairs on the second floor are showers, the steam room (vapor) and dry sauna.

The communal showers that line the far wall are fun.  Guys were fondling each other openly and soaping off.  As is my routine at a bathhouse, after showering, I headed right for the steam room.

Bambú’s steam room is quite large and really steamy making it hard to see someone unless they are right in your face.  I think the invisibility of the room allows the shy Ecuadorians to come out of their shell.  Not long after entering and taking a seat, a large uncut dick was being jerked right by my face and I couldn’t let that pass me by without giving it a taste.  Next thing I know I was on my knees sucking away as another guy played with my ass.  All this drew a crowd and guys got real aggressive but not having a condom  I put the kibosh on that and decided to check out the dry sauna.



Smaller than the steam room but still a good size the dry sauna was a bit more relaxed. Two guys were chatting and the others just chilling (it was more brightly lit).  As I was enjoying the heat, the guy with that massive uncut cock came in and sat right in front of me.  I couldn’t resist and started to massage him which led to some stroking.

The one downside to this bath house is that there really isn’t any private places to play.  There is a bar, video room, hot tub and massage rooms for hire but no individual rooms to play in.  This was fine for me but for the shy Ecuadorians the only place they felt comfortable doing much was in the steam room.  Sooooo, it was back to the steam room (with condom this time) with my uncut Ecuadorian for a nice long, well you know.

Bambú Spa is a great option for fun while visiting Quito.  It’s surprisingly clean and the showers had hot water (a rarity for alot of bath houses in South America).  The guys though a bit shy, are definitely there to play so it’s a fun atmosphere.  Definitely recommended by this Gay Gringo!

The Deets:

 Robles E7-34 y Av. 6 de Diciembre.
Tel: 02-2542998
Open: 2pm-9pm, entrance fee $9
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Caliclub Masculino, fun times in Cali, Colombia NSFW!

Maybe it’s all the Salsa dancing or the sultry climate, but the sexual energy of Cali, Colombia can be felt on every sun baked corner.  Caleños are, like most Colombians, friendly and gregarious, but  Caleños have a heat all their own. Caliclub Masculino, a fun bathhouse just about a 20 minute walk away from the charming San Blas neighborhood, is a great spot to hook up with the hot men from Cali.

The club is clean, and has all the amenities that one looks for – steam room, sauna, a small pool and a cute staff.  Of course this being Colombia there’s a bar to get some beers or a drink.  The rooftop deck is not to be missed.  A great place to get that full body tan, and also a great place if your an exhibitionist wanting a rooftop escapade.

Lounge about on the sun deck

Lounge about on the sun deck

The guys that come to Caliclub are there to hook up, there’s no posing and no attitudes, and boy do they love a gringo!  Definitely go during the day, it gets hot in Cali, so why not enjoy the heat of the day while enjoying the heat of some hot latin men!


Caliclub Masculino

Calle 8 # 26-61
Sector Alameda
Cali – Colombia
376 9019 – 376 9020 
for pricing and special events go to their website: 


From a Gay Gringo.

I came, I saw, I conquered… actually reverse that.  I got up the nerve to go to a bathhouse while on a short visit to Cali, Colombia and boy am I glad I did.  Caliclub was all that I wanted.  I went on one of their “nudist days”, paid the minimal fee, stripped down in the locker room and then enjoyed the amenities.

After a steam and a sauna, I grabbed a beer and went up to the sun deck.  I laid out on a chaise lounge and was feeling good.  A guy two lounge chairs over was getting great head by a young, furry cub.  They wanted an audience and got one.  2 other hotties watched as well.  I got a raging hard on, and before I knew it, the cub moved over to my chair and started sucking me off.

After he had enough of it in his mouth, he slipped a condom on me, and began to ride me in front of everyone.  What a great feeling, lounging on a comfy chaise in the hot Colombian sun as this hot cub rode me and moaned.  It was great multitasking – a tan and a fuck!


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Lima Peru’s Very Gay Friendly, Lola Bar

Backpackers in Lima are often surprised at the city’s vibrant nightlife; gay backpackers are surprised and delighted with the wealth of options available in the gay nightlife department.  Surprised because Peru is not known for having an open attitude toward homosexuality, especially Northern Peru where indigenous communities and those who adhere to the old archaic doctrines of the Catholic church believe gaydom is an abomination and so on and so forth.   Lima, thank God (apparently not the Catholic one) has a mind of its own, and gay people can feel comfortable and safe in most parts of the city, especially in the very posh Miraflores neighborhood.

Ah Miraflores, with its delightful boutiques, wonderful restaurants, inviting parks and excellent nightlife,  it enchants its visitors with elegant charm.  On weekend nights the streets fill with revelers looking for fun and excitement.  Many revelers, especially the gay ones, end up at Lola Bar, at least for a drink or two (or five or six).

Lola Bar

Lola Bar

Lola Bar, located in the heart of Miraflores on Calle Bolívar is where people, both gay and straight, go to party the night away.  Definitely where the cool kids congregate, Lola is THE place to be seen and to people watch.  Also it’s a wonderful place to start up a chat with some beautiful Peruvians.  Always packed on weekends, the well heeled customers enjoy the strong cocktails, excellent music, and the perfectly crowded dance floor.   EVeryone is dressed to the nines, in fashions that are uniquely Lima, oh and that dance floor is a whole lot of fun.

Lola Boys

Lola Boys

The crowd is upper crust but not snobby.  The Boys are cute as hell. Gay men dance together on the dance floor and no one blinks an eye at them.   They even have nights with Go Go Boys dancing to some of Lima’s hottest DJs.  The variety of drinks is impressive and the atmosphere is wonderfully hip and modern.   Lola is one of if not the hot spot of the Lima nightlife scene.  You can spend your whole night here bumping and grinding and flirting  or come in for a drink before heading off to one of the near by clubs.  Lola Bar is damn cool and a friend to the Gays!

The Deets:

Lola Bar
Lola Bar Cl. Bolívar 197 – miraflores
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Club de Tobi, a beautiful sauna in Medellin, Colombia

Club de Tobi is Medellin’s most well known and maybe least “active” of the city’s many bathhouses.  Tobi flaunts  an expansive, well maintained and clean space with its share of cute guys.   The only drawback is that the guys are more interested in being seen then they are in having action.   This may be due to the loveliness of the space; it has a beautiful pool and wonderful chaises to lounge around in and read (literally on a recent visit there were guys in their towels reading!).  Maybe the guys get too relaxed to play around!

The only guys “fooling around” in any way are the tourists and even they aren’t really that active.   If you are looking to hook up with Colombians Tobi may not be your best bet, but if you just want to chill on some arm chairs and watch guys, take a dip in the pool and maybe just maybe get lucky then this is your place.  The atmosphere definitely is more tranquil than sexually charged.  Though they do have different parties and events there where things get more naughty.

The guys who go to Tobi are, for the most part,  in good shape.   Different ages for sure, but it did seem to have its share of twink types.  Another thing that may inhibit the action is that mostly all the guys are in their underwear.  A bit different for a gay gringo who’s used to the saunas like Steamworks where guys frolic with barely a towel on or nude.   At Tobi, it’s a  good idea to wear some sexy underwear, just so not to feel out of place.  Oh and another tip, the top landing overlooking the stairwell is a great place to guy watch, there’s always a beautiful body walking up and down the stairs.

The Pool is Cool!

The Pool is Cool!

As mentioned there is a great pool, and also wonderful spaces to chill, and a great outdoor area to lounge about.  Also it has a maze (which is a bit too well lit), a giant steam room and equally large dry sauna.  And like most saunas in South America there’s a bar, so if you need a beer to pass the time you are in luck.


Club de Tobi
C/. 47,  43-88, Centro (Near Parque, M° de San Antonio) | Medellín | Tel: +57942397513
corner of Bomboná and Girardot
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Centauro, Trujillo Peru’s Video Club and Bar (NSFW)

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas

Trujillo Peru’s city center proudly flaunts its gorgeous colonial architecture and its eternal spring climate to tourists from all over Peru and those from all over the globe.  Bright yellow facades, deep green doors, ornate iron terraces seem to live on every one of its cobble stoned streets.   The city itself is surrounded by other-worldly archeological sites; famed Chan Chan and the Huacas de Sol and de Luna are short bus rides away.  The world famous surfing beaches of Huanchaco are also a short bus ride away, just a bit further down on the coast.

Trujillo offers gastronomical delights (you have to have ceviche here!), sleepy cafes and its share of gay and gay friendly bars, discos even a sauna.  Also it is  home to a couple of those distinctly South American gay venues known as the “video bar”.

Those Doors!

Those Doors!

The video bar is a huge part of gay life in South America. There is maybe nothing that screams “Gay South America” like the video bar.  They are found across Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.   Similar to gay bars in the USA that have a back room, the South American Video Bars are much more charming and fun.

If not in the mood for a bathhouse but still want still want to get your rocks off then the video club and bar is a great option.  A really cool concept in male to male fun, there’s a bar you can order up drinks, smoke cigarettes and socialize, dance  or watch porn.  There is of course plenty of opportunity for naughtiness but not as much pressure; one can comfortably grab a beer and listen to music and chit chat or they can find a friend and grab something else.

At Trujillo’s Centauro Video Club and Bar you will be welcomed as if you are going over to a friend’s house.  Not far from the Plaza de Armas, on one of the streets making the border of the city center is Centauro, it’s in an old brownstone type building, keeping things discrete it’s not well marked, just a simple buzzer with tape that reads “Centauro”.    They buzz you in and after ascending the stairs you come upon a box office like reception where you buy your entry (about 3 bucks) and can get cigarettes, beers, snacks.   Off reception is a 2 room living room den type of set up with a bar, music and plenty of seating including barstools and couches.  In the den is a  television alternately playing porn and music videos.  On that first level is a bathroom meant for one person at a time but usually 2 guys or more crowd in.

Up the stairs is where the really naughty guys are.  Guys are stroking in the video room, in the dark room all sorts of unseen naughty things happen, and the bathrooms and hallways all see their share of action.  Also you can rent a small bedroom for some private time with your new friend or friends. The upstairs is definitely sexually charged.  We recommend making some new friends downstairs and then taking thing upstairs to play.

The staff is super friendly and really fun.  They let you pick the music at times, and the atmosphere is real chill and it’s very social.   The guys are super friendly and its fun to chit chat and theres no pressure if you don’t want to take things further.   The staff goes out of their way to make the guys feel at home.  Oh,  and bring tissues 😉

Observations from Gay Gringos…

I went 2 days in a row, eyed a hot boy and fucked him in the bathroom, then met another guy downstairs and he brought me up to the dark room where before I knew it he had my pants down and was rimming me before fucking me really hard….4 stars!


I was nervous ringing the bell, I’d never been to a video bar and didn’t know what to expect.  The guy at reception was super sweet, he loved my accent and went out of his way and even gave me a tour of the place.  I sat at the bar where he let me pick out music videos on youtube to play.  It was early so not many guys were there but the ones who were were also super friendly.

I sipped my beer and chatted with two friends who just got off work.  More guys came in and some chilled in the bar area and others filed on upstairs.   I caught one guys eye, a young, stocky Peruvian guy who was super hot.   After some more practicing my Spanish with my new friends, I took a pee break.  One of my new friends followed me in the bathroom and we jerked off for a bit and he gave me a great blowjob.  I held off on cumming as I still wanted to check out the upstairs.

I had another beer, said goodbye to my new friends who were leaving for dinner and who invited me out later to a disco, super sweet guys.  I finally ventured upstairs.  I checked out the video room where some guys were and then walked around in the hallway where I found my stocky Peruvian guy.  I went up to him and we started making and groping each other.  He led me to the bathroom and we went in and locked the door.   He pulled my pants down and sucked me off, I returned the favor.  While on my knees sucking his thick cock, he turned around and let me rim him.  He handed me a condom and I got to fuck him against the door, hard and fast.  He was groaning and shot a nice load while I was inside him.  I pulled out and shot a nice load in the sink!  We cleaned up each other and even walked out together and we are now friends on Facebook.  Later that night I met my other friends at the disco.  The guys in Trujillo are sweeeeeet!


Centauro Video Club and Bar.
A hop, skip and a hump away.

A hop, skip and a hump away.

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