Homo Sapiens Spa, Buenos Aires’ Hot Playland

Located in the lovely neighborhood of Palermo, Homo Sapiens is the best bath house in Buenos Aires.  It contains all the necessary bath house components like a porn cinema, group sex rooms, private “cabins”, dry sauna, steam room, showers and even a bar with plenty of tables to chat and have a beer in between your sessions.  Plus there are always plenty of guys!

The men here are ready for action, and there are a great variety of men…all ages and shapes and sizes.   There is a great emphasis on group sex here, with multiple places in the club that make it easy to be a part of the action or watch as the action unfolds.

Upon entering the club and paying at reception (120 pesos as of November 2015), walk behind the curtain into the wonderful bar area, where guys in there towels sit taking a beer break.  Continue up the stairs to the locker room and give your ticket to the attendant at the counter who will ask you your shoe size and then hand you sandals and towel, you can also ask for condoms.  He will also give you a key to a locker.   The showers are also in the locker room area as are the steam room and sauna.  At the far end behind the shower area are various  “cabins” that have a single bed and doors that can be locked for privacy.bararea

On the other end of the locker room up the stairs is another floor that has some lounge chairs, an outdoor patio, massage room and then around the corner are 2 group sex rooms.  The activity in these rooms can be pretty intense…lots of guys packed in sucking, fucking and jerking off.  If you don’t like being groped these are probably not the rooms for you.  grouproom

Back to the locker room you can also go down stairs where you’ll again find the bar and at the other end of the bar area is the porn cinema.   Gay porn plays on a large screen and the room has couches for viewing and playing.  Behind the screen are 2 more areas where group play can be found.

When you find that it’s time to go, leave your sandals and towels in the bins in the locker room and bring your key downstairs to the bartender who will check you out.  Homo Sapiens Spa is clean, the staff are friendly and there is plenty of action…highly recommended if you want some hot fun.

From a Gay Gringo:

I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed.  I quickly found my locker, took off my clothes and showered.  I headed upstairs and into one of the group rooms which was packed, too packed for my liking, with a couple of older men who were a little too hands on.  I went to the other room which was also pretty packed.  I stood watching and jerking off to a young guy topping another guy who I couldn’t get a good glimpse of in the dark.  The top reached around and starting jerking me and then he handed me a condom.  He guided my covered cock to his wet hole and I entered him for a nice 3 way fuck.  Super hot fun within 15 minutes of arriving!

After a break I went down to the porn cinema where hot porn was playing on the screen but even hotter porn was happening right on one of the couches.  A very well hung top was raw fucking a young eager bottom boy while another very well hung guy was giving the boy his cock to suck.  I went over and stood by the guy getting his cock sucked.   The boy eyed my cock and liked it and began sucking me while he was being fucked.  After a time he put both of our cocks in his mouth while I reached over to feel that big cock going in and out of his hole.  After a bit I got on my knees and sucked off the big cock next to me along with the fuckboy. All I could think was how I wanted to be in between those two big cocks…a little later I got my wish.

About 30 minutes later I went back to the cinema room to find that big top sitting on the couch relaxing.  I sat next to him and he reached over and started jerking me.   I quickly leaned over and started sucking his huge dick, it was shaved, uncut and golden brown.   He began to play with my hole, I moaned while he fingered me to let him know that’s what I wanted.  He took me over to another couch (the one where earlier he was fucking the young guy) and I handed him a condom.  I got on my hands and knees but had trouble fitting him inside me so I changed positions and got on my back.   He put my legs on his shoulders and entered me.  So fucking big!  As he was pounding me his friend with the big dick came over beside me and put his nice big hard dick right in my face and I sucked him with great pleasure!  Exactly what I wanted; the one in my ass the other in my mouth.  At one point my big top reached down as he was fucking me and we both sucked and licked at his friends boner that was leaking salty precum, so fucking hot!  After that the two of them began making out while I continued sucking and taking that other big cock in my hole. My top than jerked me off while pounding a way at me and I shot a huge load all over my chest.  He pulled out and as he stepped away I noticed we had an audience all around us watching the whole time!

The Deets:

TEL. 4862-6519

120 pesos fee, 80 pesos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before 2pm.



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