Donde Aquellos Bar, in El Poblado, Medellin

As its name suggests Donde Aquellos is where “those guys” meet.  By those guys they mean the hot Colombian men and the hopeful Gringos that make this the gay hot spot of the upscale El Poblado neighborhood.

A place to people watch, a place to be seen,  right off the meeting ground that is Park Lleras,  Donde Aquellos is the only bar out of the many that line Park Lleras that cater to the gay crowd.   The weekends are prime time and the place is packed with what seems to be the cast of Colombia’s Next Top Male Model.

Donde Aquellos Bar

Donde Aquellos Bar

The small but charming open air (aire libre) bar, like many in the neighborhood, has many of its patrons extending the bar to the sidewalks and streets when things get crowded.   It’s as if the bar and the street are one with guys literally everywhere enjoying the eternal spring nights of Medellin.   Even if you are unable to get a seat at one of the outdoor tables,  you can still be in the thick of all the action by just hanging out in the throngs on the sidewalk.

The Guys are Everywhere!

The Guys are Everywhere!

During the week when its less crowded, you can sip on a beer or have one of their outrageously good cocktails that are usually 3 for the price of 2 on those less crowded weekday nights.  A great place to get a buzz on for cheap and then maybe bar hop around Poblado or just stay here mingle, chit chat and enjoy the wonderful charm of Medellin.


Carrera 38 N° 9A – 26 Parque Lleras , Medellín

+57 4 3122041


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8 Responses to Donde Aquellos Bar, in El Poblado, Medellin

  1. kussin_ken says:

    ‘Sterile’ is the best way to describe the Club de Tobi. Totally without any atmosphere. Tight rooms with metal ‘bed’ to play on.Seemed like a bus stop in disrepair. Pool is big and inviting, but no one in it. No wonder, it was not heated.Cheap management. No need to go back. And I won’t !!!

  2. Leo says:

    I’m heading to Medellin this April. I’m excited to check this place and some of the other gay friendly one out. Thanks!

  3. Dominik says:

    Aside from Donde Aquellos is there any gay clubs to frequent?

  4. Mitch says:

    Have any good recommendations for saunas in Bogotá for young guys looking for a wide range?

  5. Dom says:

    don’t bother going to a sauna if you are young. Go to a club called Theatron on a Saturday. You will be amaze at what you see.

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