Centauro, Trujillo Peru’s Video Club and Bar (NSFW)

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas

Trujillo Peru’s city center proudly flaunts its gorgeous colonial architecture and its eternal spring climate to tourists from all over Peru and those from all over the globe.  Bright yellow facades, deep green doors, ornate iron terraces seem to live on every one of its cobble stoned streets.   The city itself is surrounded by other-worldly archeological sites; famed Chan Chan and the Huacas de Sol and de Luna are short bus rides away.  The world famous surfing beaches of Huanchaco are also a short bus ride away, just a bit further down on the coast.

Trujillo offers gastronomical delights (you have to have ceviche here!), sleepy cafes and its share of gay and gay friendly bars, discos even a sauna.  Also it is  home to a couple of those distinctly South American gay venues known as the “video bar”.

Those Doors!

Those Doors!

The video bar is a huge part of gay life in South America. There is maybe nothing that screams “Gay South America” like the video bar.  They are found across Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.   Similar to gay bars in the USA that have a back room, the South American Video Bars are much more charming and fun.

If not in the mood for a bathhouse but still want still want to get your rocks off then the video club and bar is a great option.  A really cool concept in male to male fun, there’s a bar you can order up drinks, smoke cigarettes and socialize, dance  or watch porn.  There is of course plenty of opportunity for naughtiness but not as much pressure; one can comfortably grab a beer and listen to music and chit chat or they can find a friend and grab something else.

At Trujillo’s Centauro Video Club and Bar you will be welcomed as if you are going over to a friend’s house.  Not far from the Plaza de Armas, on one of the streets making the border of the city center is Centauro, it’s in an old brownstone type building, keeping things discrete it’s not well marked, just a simple buzzer with tape that reads “Centauro”.    They buzz you in and after ascending the stairs you come upon a box office like reception where you buy your entry (about 3 bucks) and can get cigarettes, beers, snacks.   Off reception is a 2 room living room den type of set up with a bar, music and plenty of seating including barstools and couches.  In the den is a  television alternately playing porn and music videos.  On that first level is a bathroom meant for one person at a time but usually 2 guys or more crowd in.

Up the stairs is where the really naughty guys are.  Guys are stroking in the video room, in the dark room all sorts of unseen naughty things happen, and the bathrooms and hallways all see their share of action.  Also you can rent a small bedroom for some private time with your new friend or friends. The upstairs is definitely sexually charged.  We recommend making some new friends downstairs and then taking thing upstairs to play.

The staff is super friendly and really fun.  They let you pick the music at times, and the atmosphere is real chill and it’s very social.   The guys are super friendly and its fun to chit chat and theres no pressure if you don’t want to take things further.   The staff goes out of their way to make the guys feel at home.  Oh,  and bring tissues 😉

Observations from Gay Gringos…

I went 2 days in a row, eyed a hot boy and fucked him in the bathroom, then met another guy downstairs and he brought me up to the dark room where before I knew it he had my pants down and was rimming me before fucking me really hard….4 stars!


I was nervous ringing the bell, I’d never been to a video bar and didn’t know what to expect.  The guy at reception was super sweet, he loved my accent and went out of his way and even gave me a tour of the place.  I sat at the bar where he let me pick out music videos on youtube to play.  It was early so not many guys were there but the ones who were were also super friendly.

I sipped my beer and chatted with two friends who just got off work.  More guys came in and some chilled in the bar area and others filed on upstairs.   I caught one guys eye, a young, stocky Peruvian guy who was super hot.   After some more practicing my Spanish with my new friends, I took a pee break.  One of my new friends followed me in the bathroom and we jerked off for a bit and he gave me a great blowjob.  I held off on cumming as I still wanted to check out the upstairs.

I had another beer, said goodbye to my new friends who were leaving for dinner and who invited me out later to a disco, super sweet guys.  I finally ventured upstairs.  I checked out the video room where some guys were and then walked around in the hallway where I found my stocky Peruvian guy.  I went up to him and we started making and groping each other.  He led me to the bathroom and we went in and locked the door.   He pulled my pants down and sucked me off, I returned the favor.  While on my knees sucking his thick cock, he turned around and let me rim him.  He handed me a condom and I got to fuck him against the door, hard and fast.  He was groaning and shot a nice load while I was inside him.  I pulled out and shot a nice load in the sink!  We cleaned up each other and even walked out together and we are now friends on Facebook.  Later that night I met my other friends at the disco.  The guys in Trujillo are sweeeeeet!


Centauro Video Club and Bar.
A hop, skip and a hump away.

A hop, skip and a hump away.


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