Couchsurfing Sexcapades – Tips for hooking up with your host.

Even though totally sold out and became yet another facebook acquisition it’s still a useful tool for  finding a place to stay while traveling to far off lands. Handy too for meeting locals in these far off lands, and for having sex with said locals in said far off lands.  As far as hook up sites and apps go should be right up there with with Grindr and Scruff .  If you are looking for more than a place to stay or cultural exchange over coffee, here are some helpful tips to make your surfing a little more sexually satisfying.

Of course you use couchsurfing you’re simply looking for a place to stay, or maybe you really want to do that whole cultural exchange thing

1. Don’t be anonymous. Have a filled out profile with references.  Without references you’re just a waste of bandwidth, no one is going to welcome some stranger into their home and share their bathroom, food and couch without some assurance this stranger is not a complete psychopath.  New to the site and don’t have any references?…well plan ahead and host some people before you set off on your journey; pay it forward.

2. Show some skin. Have photos, especially one with your shirt off.  Sure does help if you look good with your shirt off.

3. Get your Group on.  When seeking out a host, look to see what groups he is a member of.  If he’s in groups like ‘Kinky Couchsurfers’ or ‘Couch Wankers’ chances are he’s looking for some playtime. Also true for anyone in the Gay Nudists group, I mean really “Gay Nudist” equals “Let’s fuck”.   You can also go to said groups and look at the members.  To make it easier you can sort the profiles of a group’s members alphabetically by country.

4. Birds of a feather.  Many guys in South America don’t want to put a gay group on their profile page as there is still quite a stigma in many of the countries against gays.  Often guys in South America have to be more discreet.  While reading your potential host’s profile, look to see which other surfers they have hosted and then check out those profiles.  If your potential host has hosted a bunch of guys who just happen to be members of “Gay Tantra”…well you do the math.

5.  Chill out.  Take it easy, just let it happen.  Don’t lead, follow.  Let the host initiate anything, it is his place after all.  And don’t rush it…if you’re staying with someone for 3 nights maybe don’t go for it that first night just in case things get awkward.


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