Grindr in South America

grindrgggWhile in Medellin, Colombia I met a super smart local guy named Santiago. On our first date he took me to an excellent pizza joint in the Poblado and then across town to a poetry festival.  During my month long stay in Medellin,  Santiago and I became friends and hung out often.  He showed me so many sites of the city, as well as allowed me to tag along with his buddies to all the hotspots on the weekend.  Though we never hooked up we were and are still great friends.  I met him through Grindr.

In La Paz, Bolivia I met another guy through Grindr, who took me to a gay nightclub, the only one apparently open on this particular night.  I would have had no idea it even existed if not for Miguel.  In the couple of days we hung out  he took me to many gay friendly places on our walking tour of the city.   He also went shopping with me and did all the bartering.  Nope we didn’t even hook up.

In Trujillo, Peru I met Raymondo who wanted to practice his English in exchange for him helping me with my Spanish.    We met everyday for 2 weeks for our language exchange.   He taught me more than any course or workshop I ever took.  Yep, I met him through Grindr.

Quito, Ecuador.  I had a 3 day love affair with the man of my dreams.  Half Colombian and half Ecuadorian and all man.  So cute, so fun, and such a connection and we TOTALLY hooked up.  Yep.  Grindr.

Cut to: Cali, Colombia and Manuel.  A smoking hot college student.  We we went out for some drinks, danced some salsa then  we went back to his place and went all night long .  Thank you Grindr!

Yes they have Grindr down there, and yes many guys use it.  It’s definitely a great way to hook up.  But it’s also great for meeting guys who can show you the fun spots to party – the unknown to tourist places.  Also it’s a great way to practice your language skills and learn the local jargon.  I learned more little expressions through the messages on Grindr than I did in my 2 week language course in Quito.  In less open countries like Bolivia and Peru it’s helpful to have a companion with you who knows the ropes so to speak and Grindr facilitates that process.  But yeah it’s pretty great if you’re just looking for sex too.


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