Sauna Toronto, Montevideo’s Premier Bathhouse

Sauna Toronto is definitely the more up to date and cleaner bathhouse of Montevideo’s options.  With all the typical amenities like hot tub, steam room, sauna, maze with glory holes it also has a friendly and cute staff making this the preferred destination for a hot Uruguayan bathhouse experience.


After buzzing at the discrete entrance and paying the fee (and yes they’ll ask you your shoe size too) you’ll enter the small locker room.  Leaving the locker room you enter the bar area with its chill atmosphere,  techno music, magazines and a tv playing “regular” tv.  Continuing through the bar area you’ll find the showers , hot tub, steam room and dry sauna.  The dry sauna has a tv playing porn.  The open shower area is the place to check out who’s just arrived and who’s cooling and cleaning off after some hot fun.   The large steam room seems to be the spot for enjoying jacking off and some oral.

toronto bar

That necessary bar photo

Upstairs is where most of the action happens.  To the left at the first landing is the smoking room and a couple of open rooms; one with a bed and the other with some lounge chairs, great spots for some privacy.   All the way up the stairs is where most of the action happens.  Here you’ll find the a maze, video cabins with glory holes, private cabins (some with gloryholes) and a common room with some couches and a tv playing hardcore porn.

There’s a great mix of guys, many younger but not many gringos as Montevideo is not as popular destination than let’s say Buenos Aires.  But take note the guys can be a bit shy and it may seem they’re there just to look and not touch as it can take some time to get things started.   Some real hot guys though do show up here and it is a bathhouse after all so for sure they’re looking for the same thing you are.  Also note that most guys start showing up around 6pm and 7pm during the week, and weekends are a bit busier with Sunday night being a great time to visit.


I really love this place and have been there a few times.  Each time has been great.  On my first visit I followed a well hung Uruguayan guy from the showers up the stairs, I sat next to him in the porn room and started to jerk him off.  This led to me blowing him with a little bit of an audience watching.  Being the ever shy Uruguayan type, he took me to one of the private cabins where he pounded me hard….real hard and real good.

On my next visit while again sitting in the porn room a young guy just came up to me and sat on my cock.  While he was riding me I saw the hung guy from my previous visit watching us from the doorway, he gave me a smile.  I found him later for another pounding this time with another guy feeding me his cock.  Good times.

This place I definitely recommend.


Sauna Toronto  Tacuarembó 1531, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay
Sunday - Thursday 3pm - 11pm  Friday and Saturdays 3pm - 1am.


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Undarius, Uruguay’s gay nudist hotel

Located a short walk away from Playa Chihuahua, Uruguay’s popular nude beach, Undarius is a beautiful hotel with a lovely pool that caters to the gay male nudist.  Run by Mario, a Uruguayan man who also offers massages, the hotel is impeccably maintained with clean and comfortable rooms with all the amenities one would need for a fun beach getaway.


The pool

There are private rooms and one shared 6 person dorm room.  All the rooms have glass doors leading out to the refreshing pool.  All rooms have air conditioning, television and are cleaned daily. The dorm room is especially fun for the younger set, it has a double shower which makes getting to know your roommate much easier!  The pool is great and kept very clean, with comfortable lounge chairs surrounding it for nude sunbathing.


The upstairs rooms

Undarius, while minutes walk away from Playa Chihuaha, is about a 25 minute ride from Punta del Este.  Therefore anything you would need is best brought along with you as there is only a small little corner store that doesn’t carry much more than beer and snacks near the hotel.  However the hotel does include a wonderful breakfast with your stay and for a very reasonable fee you can enjoy a wonderful dinner there prepared by the sexy Spanish men that work there.  Also they do serve alcohol that can be charged to your room as well.   It can not be stressed enough what a lovely, clean hotel Undarius is, Mario really runs a tight ship and it shows.


The dining deck

During the high season (January and February) Undarius is usually always full so it’s best to reserve well in advance.  The atmosphere is definitely more ‘charged’ during high season with more of a party vibe.  While the off season can be quite relaxing with less guys and a more intimate atmosphere.  During anytime though you can be sure to find like minded men to share some hot times.  Frequented by the traveling gringo the hotel is also popular with Uruguayan men who come down from Montevideo for a short break, as well as Brazilians and guys who took the ferry over from Buenos Aires.

The Deets:
Address: La Rastera, esquina Las Amarras, Chihuahua 20003, Uruguay
10 minute walk to Playa Chihuahua.
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Full Spa, Buenos Aires bathhouse with a younger crowd

Although a bit smaller and less well maintained than the sprawling Homo Sapiens bathhouse, Full Spa is popular with a younger Porteño set.  These sexy guys hang out in their towels at the downstairs bar and then venture upstairs where the towels come off and the real fun begins.

Located on a quiet street in an old building, the entrance could easily be missed.  Upon entering and paying about 120 pesos depending on the time of night, you’ll be buzzed into the bathhouse.  The small locker room is on that ground floor next to the bar,  it’s not clean and it’s probably a good idea to bring your own lock or just don’t bring anything you’d miss if someone accidentally took it.  There are also open showers a dry sauna and steam room across from the locker room.  Neither the showers, sauna nor steam room are well maintained but they do work and while there may be some groping that happens there , it’s more about chatting and taking a break from the action that goes on up the stairs.


“Locker Room”

And so upstairs…well there are 2 upstairs…huh?  The action packed upstairs is up the staircase that is straight ahead in the back as you enter. Go here for those bathhouse shenanigans you may be looking for. Be warned it is dark up there so take a few minutes for your eyes to adjust.  There are a couple of open rooms  and some private cabins….again not the cleanest, as there is not the staff going around and keeping things nice like at Homo Sapien.  What it lacks in staff Full Spa makes up for in horny young BA boys.  Just walk around and you’ll run into guys sucking and some even fucking right in front of you. It’s recommended to go late on a Friday night, they’ll be lots of guys all looking to play.

Now for the other upstairs….It’s a little bit hidden, across from the other stairs and it seems that no one goes up there…but do go up there, just for the beauty of the old architecture.  There is not much action going on  but it is a nice place to chill, with a large tv room (playing regular tv…no porn) and another room with a couch.  Even on a busy Friday night, there was no one fooling around although there were some guys up there. The high ceilings, wood floors, kinda like going back in time, it actually would be a great space for a milonga.

Apparently A Full Spa was the top bathhouse in BA but has kinda declined in its upkeep.  While Full Spa probably now loses out to Homo Sapiens for the BA’s best bathhouse experience, it does win with the hotness of guys.  There are some real sexy guys there, and many less tourists, so if you’re looking for that Argentine boy of your dreams, this is the place.


I was horny, it was late, I paid the fee at the door, walked in and it was great.  I showered as some guys checked me out, and entered the sauna.  There was a nice guy in his forties chilling, we had a great conversation and he gave me some good advice on how to proceed.    As we chatted another gringo came in, we were the only two gringos that night.

Taking my sauna friend’s advice I headed up the dark stairs, where I walked around groped a few boys, watched a few guys blowing and even fucking and just generally checked out the space.  I went back down and thought I’d chill again with the other gringo and new friend but then I saw the other staircase.  So curiously I went up it, a few guys sat chatting and watching tv, I walked past them into another room where a young man was jerking off on a couch in an empty room.   I walked up to him got on my knees and sucked his gorgeous cock.  NOW I WAS READY.  I left this Romeo wanting more and descended the stairs and ascended the other stairs again.

This go round I got involved with some group action involving some really hot young guys.  One really took a shine to me and my cock, sucking me, rubbing my cock on his ass and finally pulling out a condom, bending over and allowing me to fuck him.  It was so great.  I fucked him a long time as he sucked another guys cock between groans.  He shot a huge load with me in him, turned around to kiss me and went downstairs.  I eventually went down after to grab a steam.  I saw my bottom boy toweling off in the locker room and he gave me a smile, he was even hotter in the light!



A Full Spa

Viamonte 1770, Buenos Aires




Lunes:12:00 a 03:00 Martes:12:00 a 03:00 Miércoles:12:00 a 03:00 Jueves:12:00 a 03:00 Viernes, Sábado, Domingo: all night long!


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Playa Chihuahua, Uruguay’s Nudist Paradise

A short distance southwest from the yachts and nightlife of Punta del Este rests the beautiful nudist haven that is Playa Chihuahua,  Uruguay’s official nude beach .  Signs clearly label the unbelievably large stretch of beach as ‘clothing optional’ and many gay men take full advantage of baring their bods to the strong southern sun.

If you love long nude walks on the beach then this will be absolute heaven for you. The enormous naturist beach is way over an hour walk from end to end. Lagoons, the occasional equestrians (some nude!), dunes and plenty of beautiful naked men all inhabit this nude play land.   In high season (late December through February) the gay men usually congregate to the right end of the beach facing the ocean, but to be sure you will stumble upon gay men are everywhere here.

The waves are not overpowering but be sure to be cautious in the water as there can be undertow.  In high season there are lifeguards for most of the day but during low season you’re on your own.  That being said, the water is clean and warm and is just wonderful for skinny dipping.


Sunset from the Dunes

Playa Chihuahua sunsets are beautiful.   The sun descends right into the ocean and the colors in the sky change by the second.   Sunset is also prime cruising time, as many of the blue collar guys that get off work come to get off in the dunes.  You can find many of them walking the trails that meander through the hidden nooks and crannies and  shrubs of the dunes.  You’ll encounter guys jerking off, guys blowing each other, guys fucking, and at times groups of guys having a gay old time. The dunes are definitely where to go if all the sun makes you horny.


The Dunes

The sun is strong here, so bring lots of sunscreen and water. There is one small corner store on one of the street that leads to the beach and during high season there is a small beach restaurant for some simple refreshments but it’s best to bring your provisions yourself.  AND bring your trash out with you (this includes your tissues and condoms guys….this beach really is beautiful so let’s be responsible and keep it that way!

In high season there will be many more guys.  Daytrippers and weekenders come from Montevideo, Brazilians and Porteños pass days there and Gringos often come down after days of partying in Punta del Este.   However this gay gringo recommends visiting during the months that straddle the high season (November through early December and March).  The weather is fabulous and there are way fewer gawkers.  If you’re looking for some rest and relaxation this is the time to go.  Don’t worry there’s still plenty of fun to be had in the dunes but with out all the crowds, it’s possible to have sex on the beach and in the lifeguard stands if the opportunity arises!


To get to Playa Chihuahua by bus this gay gringo recommends taking a COT bus as that line is quite reliable.

From Montevideo…. take bus in the direction of Punta del Este and have the driver let you offat “Tio Tom” or just let him know you’re going to Playa Chihuahua and he’lldrop you off at the correct spot. From the stop just walk down one of the streets away from the highway and you’ll run right into the beach.

From Punta Del Este…. Take a bus towards Montevideo and have them drop you off at “Tio Tom” or just let driver know you want to go to Playa Chihuahua and he’ll let you off. You must cross the highway and then walk down one of the streets to the beach.


View from the dunes


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Homo Sapiens Spa, Buenos Aires’ Hot Playland

Located in the lovely neighborhood of Palermo, Homo Sapiens is the best bath house in Buenos Aires.  It contains all the necessary bath house components like a porn cinema, group sex rooms, private “cabins”, dry sauna, steam room, showers and even a bar with plenty of tables to chat and have a beer in between your sessions.  Plus there are always plenty of guys!

The men here are ready for action, and there are a great variety of men…all ages and shapes and sizes.   There is a great emphasis on group sex here, with multiple places in the club that make it easy to be a part of the action or watch as the action unfolds.

Upon entering the club and paying at reception (120 pesos as of November 2015), walk behind the curtain into the wonderful bar area, where guys in there towels sit taking a beer break.  Continue up the stairs to the locker room and give your ticket to the attendant at the counter who will ask you your shoe size and then hand you sandals and towel, you can also ask for condoms.  He will also give you a key to a locker.   The showers are also in the locker room area as are the steam room and sauna.  At the far end behind the shower area are various  “cabins” that have a single bed and doors that can be locked for privacy.bararea

On the other end of the locker room up the stairs is another floor that has some lounge chairs, an outdoor patio, massage room and then around the corner are 2 group sex rooms.  The activity in these rooms can be pretty intense…lots of guys packed in sucking, fucking and jerking off.  If you don’t like being groped these are probably not the rooms for you.  grouproom

Back to the locker room you can also go down stairs where you’ll again find the bar and at the other end of the bar area is the porn cinema.   Gay porn plays on a large screen and the room has couches for viewing and playing.  Behind the screen are 2 more areas where group play can be found.

When you find that it’s time to go, leave your sandals and towels in the bins in the locker room and bring your key downstairs to the bartender who will check you out.  Homo Sapiens Spa is clean, the staff are friendly and there is plenty of action…highly recommended if you want some hot fun.

From a Gay Gringo:

I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and the place was packed.  I quickly found my locker, took off my clothes and showered.  I headed upstairs and into one of the group rooms which was packed, too packed for my liking, with a couple of older men who were a little too hands on.  I went to the other room which was also pretty packed.  I stood watching and jerking off to a young guy topping another guy who I couldn’t get a good glimpse of in the dark.  The top reached around and starting jerking me and then he handed me a condom.  He guided my covered cock to his wet hole and I entered him for a nice 3 way fuck.  Super hot fun within 15 minutes of arriving!

After a break I went down to the porn cinema where hot porn was playing on the screen but even hotter porn was happening right on one of the couches.  A very well hung top was raw fucking a young eager bottom boy while another very well hung guy was giving the boy his cock to suck.  I went over and stood by the guy getting his cock sucked.   The boy eyed my cock and liked it and began sucking me while he was being fucked.  After a time he put both of our cocks in his mouth while I reached over to feel that big cock going in and out of his hole.  After a bit I got on my knees and sucked off the big cock next to me along with the fuckboy. All I could think was how I wanted to be in between those two big cocks…a little later I got my wish.

About 30 minutes later I went back to the cinema room to find that big top sitting on the couch relaxing.  I sat next to him and he reached over and started jerking me.   I quickly leaned over and started sucking his huge dick, it was shaved, uncut and golden brown.   He began to play with my hole, I moaned while he fingered me to let him know that’s what I wanted.  He took me over to another couch (the one where earlier he was fucking the young guy) and I handed him a condom.  I got on my hands and knees but had trouble fitting him inside me so I changed positions and got on my back.   He put my legs on his shoulders and entered me.  So fucking big!  As he was pounding me his friend with the big dick came over beside me and put his nice big hard dick right in my face and I sucked him with great pleasure!  Exactly what I wanted; the one in my ass the other in my mouth.  At one point my big top reached down as he was fucking me and we both sucked and licked at his friends boner that was leaking salty precum, so fucking hot!  After that the two of them began making out while I continued sucking and taking that other big cock in my hole. My top than jerked me off while pounding a way at me and I shot a huge load all over my chest.  He pulled out and as he stepped away I noticed we had an audience all around us watching the whole time!

The Deets:
TEL. 4862-6519

120 pesos fee, 80 pesos on Tuesdays and Wednesdays before 2pm.


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Freetown Open Mind, Arequipa, Peru

Arequipa wins first prize for the most gorgeous city in all of Peru (sorry Cuzco).  A bit off the tourist trail (but not that far off), the city has a relaxed vibe and a variety of gastronomical options, bars and sites to enjoy.

The Main Plaza

Plaza de Armas

The plaza is the center of action.   A meeting place, a place to chill and a place where students debate politics, it is the prime locale to people watch and to feel the pulse of the city.

Surprisingly there’s a few options in this picturesque southern town if you want to feel  a different sort of pulse.    A men’s only sauna, a bit away from the city center, provides some hands on fun during the evening hours and there are a couple of gay bars and clubs to choose from on weekend nights.

“Freetown Open Mind” is a small discoteca open on the weekends located just on the edge of the city center.  And as it name states, clearly it has an open mind…which is code for gay guys galore. With shot boys, cheap drinks, and lots of dancing, Freetown offers a great place to find a hot southern Peruvian boy to grind with and then spend the night with.

Freetown Open Mind

Freetown Open Mind

On the Saturday night this gay gringo attended there were plenty of guys of various ages, all really cute and super friendly.  It was easy to find people to chat with and to dance with. At various points throughout the night the shot boys, these sexy shirtless wonders, would walk around with bottles and literally come up to you and tell you to open your mouth wide and they’d just start pouring vodka down your gullet.  Shots seems to be the way these guys fuel their partying so be prepared.  Surprisingly the guys were not shy and so expect some heavy petting and making out on the dance floor.

Watch your drinks however…some guys spot a gringo and will slip something in your drink and then steal everything you have.  Unlike in Argentina or even Colombia a gringo really sticks out in Peru so you can be a target.  Now that is not to say that any of these places are ‘dangerous’, though you should of course exercise caution and keep your wits about you by not getting too wasted.   Tag along with some trusted friends and you’ll be fine.  Don’t worry it ain’t no NYC or LA or really any city in the USA with hundreds of shootings a day.  (Stepping down from soap box)

Freetown=good times. Go and dance the night away dear gay gringos!


Calle Bolivar 401 – Cercado
Atención: Viernes y Sábado desde las 22 Hrs.
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Donde Aquellos Bar, in El Poblado, Medellin

As its name suggests Donde Aquellos is where “those guys” meet.  By those guys they mean the hot Colombian men and the hopeful Gringos that make this the gay hot spot of the upscale El Poblado neighborhood.

A place to people watch, a place to be seen,  right off the meeting ground that is Park Lleras,  Donde Aquellos is the only bar out of the many that line Park Lleras that cater to the gay crowd.   The weekends are prime time and the place is packed with what seems to be the cast of Colombia’s Next Top Male Model.

Donde Aquellos Bar

Donde Aquellos Bar

The small but charming open air (aire libre) bar, like many in the neighborhood, has many of its patrons extending the bar to the sidewalks and streets when things get crowded.   It’s as if the bar and the street are one with guys literally everywhere enjoying the eternal spring nights of Medellin.   Even if you are unable to get a seat at one of the outdoor tables,  you can still be in the thick of all the action by just hanging out in the throngs on the sidewalk.

The Guys are Everywhere!

The Guys are Everywhere!

During the week when its less crowded, you can sip on a beer or have one of their outrageously good cocktails that are usually 3 for the price of 2 on those less crowded weekday nights.  A great place to get a buzz on for cheap and then maybe bar hop around Poblado or just stay here mingle, chit chat and enjoy the wonderful charm of Medellin.


Carrera 38 N° 9A – 26 Parque Lleras , Medellín

+57 4 3122041

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